We are a young software company with a special interest in algorithms and their applications in different programming languages. Our company name is derived from Hylobatidae, the scientific name for gibbons, which stands for forest walker. For us, a gibbon swinging from tree to tree is somehow similar to a computer program traversing a forest of information.

What We Do

Typical problems we can provide either basic consulting, create detailed technical concepts or implement full solutions for are:

The data itself can come in different forms: as structured data, as text, as a DNA sequence, as numeric or image data, or in any other form. Such data processing can be important in very different areas:

What Else We Do

We also do some basic research and make interesting experiments in the area of pattern recognition for our own future products: In a playful manner, we explore methods and concepts described in the literature, implement our own versions and use them to solve prototypic problems:

What kind of software tools can we develop for our own experiments?
Every experiment is an opportunity to develop some kind of supporting tools. Sometimes, such tools make further experiments possible.
For this purpose, we mainly use Python and C++ as programming languages.
In addition, we work on an introduction into programming for elementary school students both in C and Python. The idea is to combine typical learning topics with corresponding programming examples.
Please contact us if you are interested.
What happens to a signal or a series of colors when processed in different ways?
A convolution of signal or image data can be performed to get spatially or in the time domain averaged values. This can be useful when trying to detect features that are distributed over many data points.
What kind of image data processing helps us detecting shapes or patterns?
Image data transports content in a similar fashion as sound waves transport music. We are interested in transforming this raster representation in such a way that we can obtain the transported content as easy as possible.

Who We Are


Maria Palomino, Business Manager

At our company, Maria takes care of anything related to business, management and customer relationships. She worked for many years as a business consultant on international projects before.

Maria studied business administration and economics and she holds a M.A. from the University of Zurich.

Our Programming Team

All of our team members love programming and solving logical problems. In addition, sharing knowledge and insights is very important to us. Are you looking for an interesting job and would you like to join our team? Please contact us!


We periodically write a newsletter about current developments. If you are interested in our technology and would like to learn in more detail what we are doing, please send us your e-mail address.

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